Struggling to run your

Personal Chef Business?

SOUS is like the chef’s knife of your business.

It’s sharp and makes the hardest of tasks in

your business easy, like turning a lead into a paying client!

No Credit Card Required

SOUS is the All-In-One Platform that makes it easy for Personal Chefs to run and grow their business.

and more, SOUS is every tool you need to succeed - ALL IN ONE PLACE.


FOR PERSONAL CHEFS, BY A PERSONAL CHEF - We know what is needed to run a successful personal chef business, because we have our own.

Having 5+ softwares wasn’t just expensive, it was overwhelming and difficult because they weren’t built for our business model. So, we took matters into our own hands and developed a software that brings everything needed to easily run a personal chef business in one place.


SOUS is - Your Event Coordinator

Listen, client referrals are HUGE to a personal chef. The best way to make that happen is being sure that everything is well-coordinated and goes as smoothly as possible.

With SOUS Event Tracker, you can...

  • Track the details and status of every event

  • Manage and prioritize dozens of events with ease

  • Share and assign chefs or servers and grow your team

SOUS is - Your Payment Processor

If you’re a personal chef providing world-class dining experiences, your clients want a smooth and easy invoice process.

With SOUS Payments, you can...

  • Store the details and prices of your products or services

  • Create, send and store customized invoices in seconds

  • Save time and money with billing and invoice automations

SOUS is - Your CRM

Getting visitors to your website is great. But turning them into clients is critical if you want real business growth.

With SOUS CRM, you can...

  • Strengthen client relationships and track your inquiries and events in real-time

  • Store notes of each contact and track a history of interactions and transactions

  • Collect valuable information on your contacts, and use it to design tailored experiences.

Do You Want To Win

Back More Time?

  • Save hours each week with automations & templates

  • Store menu and event details for fast & easy customization

  • Automate your communications between every stage - From inquiry to rebooking

SOUS Is The Official Software Of The Chefpreneur Movement

The most successful personal chefs on the planet are Chefpreneuers who use SOUS.

Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your personal chef business.

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